Waste To Fuel – GPI thinks so

Posted: February 22, 2010 in News

A company in the U. S. has had verification from the U.S. military on their waste to fuel processing plant. This is not an incinerator as some may expect but a full-fledged processing plant.

Waste from dumps or households enter the plant and get separated. What can not be used goes for recycling but what is of use goes on to a reactor vessel. The waste from this reactor (in the form of ash) can be used in cement and asphalt. What’s left moves on to the next stage where is converted into Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel and Fuel Oil. The by-products from this stage of processing are water and also gas, which is used to run the generator producing 2.5MW of electricity (1.5MW of which is needed by the plant and 1MW to sell back to the electricity supplier). The U.S. military has done a 3rd party investigation of the process/plant and confirms the numbers reported by GPI.

If the plant gets up and running it could see a return in just 3 years of the 25 million invested. After which it is all profit.

As it is not an incinerator there should be no problems in places like Ireland for a plant such as this.

Imagine getting lower priced fuel for home and vehicles, as well as electricity and all while cleaning up the dumps and environment around us.

Here is a link to a more complete article on the subject:



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