Bloom Box – a new type of personal energy for the home

Posted: February 23, 2010 in News

A company in the U.S., Bloom Energy, has revealed a new way of producing energy based on a unique fuel cell idea. The Bloom Box, as it is called, is a large metallic box that will sit in your backyard producing all the energy you need to run the home. It is being backed by eBay, Google, FedEx and other major corporate names, with eBay even installing 5 of these units to test.

Inside the box are ceramic disks coated in black and green inks, which change a stream of hydrocarbons and oxygen into power. The unit operates at about 1000°C and can continue at full power 24-7, something that neither solar nor wind power generation can claim. There is a downside though as it produces CO2 which is a bad word to the environmentally friendly.

Here is a link to the original DailyTech article and a 60 min video of the inventor on CBS.


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