New fuel injection system should bring big gains in fuel efficiency

Posted: March 12, 2010 in News

A company called Transonic Combustion from Camarillo, CA has an announced a new fuel injection system that should improve fuel combustion by up to and possibly exceeding 50%.

The new fuel system heats and pressurize the fuel before injecting it into the combustion chamber. At the point of injection the fuel is at a supercritical state and needs no spark to ignite it, making it more like a diesel combustion engine. The fuel is also pre-treated with an unspecified catalyst which helps with oxidizing it. This method produces cleaner burning and more power from less fuel.

Most people maybe wondering what a supercritical state is, well if you have ever put a cup of water in a microwave and heated it, only to have it explode when you open the door, this is because it went supercritical. The temperature of the water was higher than 100% which is when it should be a gas (i.e. steam) so when the door opened it allowed a change in air/pressure and then the water turned instantly to steam in a violent way

Supposedly while cruising at 50MPH you could get about 98 Miles per Gallon. This is because the air intake can stay open which is something a conventional car can’t.

The company is hoping to setup manufacturing in 2013 and is already speaking/dealing with 3 major car manufacturers. They hope to start seeing them in cars as of 2014.

This leads me to a few questions,

1) Although they only mention gasoline/petrol, I wonder why this could not be used in diesel engines considering it is close to the way they work anyway and also diesel is more fuel-efficient

2) Now the idea is out, how long before someone makes their own home built pre-ignition (pre-heat and pressurize) system and bolt it onto a standard car

3) Finally, they mention the fuel efficiency being better than a prius, but why are they not targeting using it in conjunction with a hybrid such as a prius or maybe even they chevy volt concept. Also to be super efficient and green, why not use it in a diesel version as a part of a hybrid engine car.

If they start producing a diesel hybrid with this technology, I’d be down to get one quicker than software operated brakes can fail.

Here are the links to full articles on the story

Ultra-Efficient Gas Engine Passes Test


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