Good things come in small packages

Posted: July 24, 2010 in News

Recently, I was on ChannelFlip’s site, watching Machine of the Week presented by Robert Llewellyn. Of all the newest inventions, gizmo’s and gadgets shown, 1 caught my eye more than anything else – The MYT engine (Mighty Yet Tiny).

This 14″ x 14″ diesel-powered donut-shaped engine invented by Raphial Morgado, supposedly produces an astonishing amount of HP & torque for such a small engine, and I mean it’s really small.

Here are some of the details I grabbed from different sources around the web:

Power (HP/KW): 800+/600+ (the same as a big rig truck)

Torque: 815 lb ft

Displacement: 848 cubic inches

Weight (lbs/kg): 150/68

Size (inches): 14 by 14 (theres no height as it’s a cylinder, therefore height and width are the same – width²)

Power-to-weight ratio: 20 to 1

Other interesting statements:

It fires 16 times per revolution (instead of once per 2 revolutions in a standard engine) – this is equivalent to a W16 engine (i.e, twin V16).

Modular design – More engines can be coupled together to double, triple (etc..) the power output.

Easily manufactured – only 31 parts in the entire engine.

Fuel diverse – Can also run on petrol, compressed air, hydrogen, propane and numerous other fuel types including biofuels.

No valves – there are no valves only open ports, so less complexity and less to go wrong

No radiator or oil – the engine needs no radiator to keep it cool and self lubricates (if using biodiesel or a fuel with a lubricant)

Cooler exhaust – because the fuel is more completely burnt up there is less waste and less fuel to ignite at exhausting

Efficiency – the ignition stage is kept for 12° (degrees) of the rotation allowing a more complete burn of the fuel (also the reason for cool exhaust)

On a side note, Raphial Morgado received First-Prize in the 2005 Emhart-NASA Tech Briefs “Create the Future” Design Contest for his design of this engine.

Below are sites with more information and videos/diagrams/pictures:


Angel Labs Theory




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