Posted: November 29, 2011 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So yesterday, I was told that the car is expected to be delivered to the dealers today. Unfortunately there is also a secondary snag (hopefully resolved quickly). The dealer is waiting to hear back from SEAI (you know the guys who are supposed to want us using less energy) about the grant. Until they approve the grant, the dealer cannot register the car. Like I said hopefully it will be sorted soon.

In the mean time, I have started a little preparation. Since I decided to get the Leaf I have been verifying things for myself.

Using my arsenal of android apps (3 really), I have been getting more information for myself.

1. Fuelage – A fuel & mileage tracker.

  • I have actually been using this for a while now. With it I have tracked the fuel I am using, mileage I am getting, costs and efficiencies.
  • These are my numbers; Total Mileage – 3,949 miles/6,355km, Total Fuel – 392.70 litres/86.38 gallons, Total Cost – €550.03; Average Fuel Economy – 16.47kpl/46.52mpg; Average Fuel Consumption 6.07 litres per 100km; Cost Per Miles – €0.14; Cost Per Litres – €1.40
  • Car Details – 99 Peugeot 306, 2.0 HDI l (Diesel), 60 litre Fuel Tank/500 miles per tank approx – (95% of driving has just me in car)

2. Pumps.ie – A fuel price program

  • This shows you all the fuel stations nearby, and the prices of the fuels (depending on how well the website is updated)
  • This has helped me get the lowest diesel whenever possible

3. Speedview – Speed Gauge

  • I used this to work out what my average speed was going up and down from work. As the speedometer on my car is a little off, I wanted to be sure.
  • I always drive on the motorway in fifth gear keeping the revs at 20000 (20x), turns out this is between 80-85kph (about 50mph)

I will be using the above details as my figures to put against the Leaf to start with. I will publish the details of the Nissan Leaf equivilant costs based on these. Also until I reach the Total Mileage above, I will drive the Leaf at the same average speed and in normal drive mode (i.e. not eco mode).

In comparison to the above details, a quick look at the Nissan Leaf wikipedia page shows these details:

  • 99 MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivilant)/2.4L per 100km, 109 miles/170km range per charge

Finally, I am using electricity with Airtricity at a rate of 15.2 cent per KWh currently (I will apply for a night meter with a tariff of 9.5 cent per KWh). If I have my numbers right it should cost between €1.60-€2 per charge (full charge from empty) and possibly less with the night tariff, but of course I will let you know.


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