It’s All Coming Together

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So on Thursday I decided today was going to be my first proper attempt at driving home without pulling in for a quick zap. That didn’t happen. I showed my boss and another few guys the car and couldn’t help showing off the acceleration. So instead of the 171km EM, I had significantly less. So a coffee and a quick charge was needed. 13km EM when arrived home. At home, my tax disc, insurance disc and ESB welcome pack with swipe cards arrived. I logged online and attempted to register my electricity supplier details but I couldn’t find anywhere to enter them. So I sent a message to ESB Irelands facebook page and awaited a response. Earlier in the day I decided to ring Airtricity to see about getting changed over to the 2 tariff/day-and-night package. I was told that the standing charge goes up and the installation will cost a few quid so I was just enquiring at first. The agent informed me there would be no standing charge change, no installation fee and that my day rate would go down from 15.2 cent to 14.5, also that the night rate would be 7.2. I’d have to be a fool not to go for it. Only hitch it could be up to 2 weeks before the installation went ahead.

Friday, I am woken up by the meter installation engineer, he is not far away and can install it today. Excellent, an hour later I have a brand new meter instead of my old 1969 black metal one. I head up to Dublin with 129km EM, the cold is definitely affecting the mileage. Quick charge on the way and off to Dublin again. I checked facebook and found out that the electric chargers at the road side parking is free for the moment until the billing is sorted out in mid 2012. More good news. I decided to park in Upper Rathmines as there is a charging spot there and wander down to Lower Rathmines where I needed to be for a few hours.

Inconsiderate Driver


Of course, there’s a big van parked right in front of the charger. There’s space in front and behind but he had to park right at the charger. Luckily the cable was long enough to reach from my car parked behind him. 47km EM when I left it and just under 2 hours later 110km was on it. Time for home. I knew I’d need a quick charge, 10 minutes is all they ever take. I have realised that the only thing that has really changed on my journeys, is the garage I get my coffee at and the fact I haven’t got the smell of diesel on my hands when I leave it.

Saturday, first thing in the morning, the engineers come and install my charger. That is nearly the last piece of the puzzle for me. If I can get a place to park and charge in work, I am laughing. I have been using carwings a bit now and my only issue is that the site is very slow. Especially to update details from the car. This could be a lag contacting the car though.

Sunday, on my way up to Dublin I needed to grab something in Port Laoise. This is handy as there is a charging point in the main car parking area of the town. I parked up, but of course the spot with the charging space is taken. I can see that this is going to be a running occurence. So I park in one that is a few spaces away, but unfortunately not close enough to charge. Oh well, a quick charge on the way if needed.

More Inconsiderate Drivers

Now I don’t think I have a right to a dedicated spot, I’m not disabled or pregnant and although I have the boy with me sometimes, he is perfectly capable. I do think that the ESB should either do 1 of 2 things though. Either put up a sign saying EV only, or more preferably put the charger at the furthest spot away from the shop, centre, cinema etc… Nobody wants to park a good bit away, but I am perfectly happy to if I can charge while there, this is why the charging spots in the M14 garage are always empty, they are not near to the shops.


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