Happy New Year….Nothing Much

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So I have not been on this with any updates lately. This is because

  • 1. Christmas/New Year is a busy time
  • 2. I have no real updates to give.

I have been using the car so far now for over a month. I use it everyday and have only once used my old car (to move it from where it was resting to where it would be scrapped). I have had absolutely no problems. I have never once ran out of power. I have found charging it in and around Dublin to be very easy. When I do some shopping, I stop in St Agnes Rd Crumlin or Church Rd Rathmines, plug in and head to Tesco, Dunnes, wherever. In Tallaght, I usually grab a quick charge just a few minutes away in Newlands Cross. I have no home charging up in Dublin so for at least 2 weeks I have been relying on the charging infrastructure the ESB, Topaz & Nissan have in place. I have had no problems so far.

In saying this, there is something I’d like to see done – A proper database of charging points.

To find where there is a charging point, I end up using 3 different things

  • 1. The Nissan Leaf navigation and route planner (Terrible!!! This seems to never be updated as there are tons of charging points that this doesn’t have. Whoever updates this needs to get a move on).
  • 2. ESB eCars website. This is pretty good, it’s kept fairly up to date but obviously you need a computer with internet access to find where the charging points are. I can do it on my Android phone but it is hard to navigate and frequently resets itself to a zoomed out view (also does this on the PC website). An actual android app would be nice (or see number 3)
  • 3. PlugSurfing.co.uk. This is really good. It comes in website and mobile app form and it is more up to date than any other. It shows all charger types including “private/plugsurfer” (none in Ireland so far). Also you can join in and add your own. It has the ability to give details and show pics of the locations/chargers too.

It would be great if ESB eCars, Nissan & PlugSurfing could all combine the data into 1 database, that would allow access from all 3 ways. Really though, Carwings needs to be on the ball with the charging updates. There is a new FCP in Nissan HQ in Nangor and it doesn’t appear in Carwings yet.

On a side note, for some reason my Carwings could not get connection to the network. I thought that I would have to go back in and get the telematics reset but luckily enough after a few days it just connected up again. Anyway, after a month of driving the Leaf I am having no real issues so far. Also note that within the month I have had some long journeys, carried full passenger loads, transported items (a very large 32inch CRT TV to the recycling – heavy) and have not had any reason to think of it as anyway less useful than a standard car.


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