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Posted: January 5, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So todays update it a bit jumbled, as it is about a few different things.

Starting off, on Tuesday evening I decided to check out the new charging points in Newbridge. I travel near here all the time and as carwings will take forever to update the map, I decided to find both and plug in to them. With the Leaf you can have it auto-remember any charging points you plug into. When I got to Newbridge train station I drove around slowly for 10 minutes trying to find the charger. Turns out it is on the other side of the tracks, no big deal. When I plugged in and swiped my card though, I repeatedly got the message “Authenication Failed”. I headed to find the second charger. No luck. It was nowhere to be seen. I had plenty of power and was gonna be stopping off in the M14 garage so I wasn’t put out. On a side note, at the M14 garage there was a Renault Kangoo EV charging, not a bad looking cargo van. Anyhow, the next day I sent eCars a mail letting them know of my issues. It turns out they put the second charger in by mistake as they were in a rush before Christmas and that they had retested the train station charger and it was working fine. Hmmm? Thinking back, I placed the cable in the car and charger before swiping the card. On all other charging stations you have to swipe the card first, then a door opens and you can charge. This charger has just flaps over the sockets. I wonder was the order I preceeded in, the problem. I will test again next time I am passing. Even so, I was very impressed with the speed of response and troubleshooting from ESB eCars.

Now to something different… I have been driving my Leaf mostly on the motorway keeping at speeds around about 85-88kph. This is for efficiency and also because it was the way I drove my old diesel (I drove it this way to get more mileage). Recently I have changed my habit and it has worked out well. Most vehicles don’t travel at 85kph on the motorway, even trucks. Now I try my best to travel at 95-100kph and stay (safely) behind a high truck. As these plod along at a fairly standard speed and dont do much overtaking, it is suiting me fine. Well, better than that, my power saving so far has been on the average of an extra 20km each journey and I am actually getting there faster than before. I have also been looking at the mirrors while on the motorway. The Leaf mirrors look more aerodynamic when tucked in, they also move in and out quickly at the touch of a switch. My thinking is, I might tuck them in while I am plodding along and just bring them out when I am going to overtake or when taking a turn off. I am only thinkin of this on the motorways as in slow speed-city driving, it would make no difference.

This brings us on to what most people want to know about the car, the savings. Well I have calculated a bit for last month and also a little of this month. Here are the results.

Last month, I travelled 1994.6km @ a cost of €23.10; based on diesel costing €1.45 (works out to be 15.93 litres worth), my Leaf reached an average of 125.21km/l or 353.7mpg —– That’s good. *

This week (so far), I have travelled 400.9km @ a cost of €4.67; based on diesel costing €1.50 (works out to be 3.11 litres worth), my Leaf reached an average of 128.91km/l or 364.14mpg —– That’s better. *

* Calculations where performed using the Fuelage app and a calculator when dividing cost by diesel price.

Finally, just some things I noticed on the entetainment side of things.

Carwings has the ability to read out RSS feeds, so I added a few from news sites and a few jokes sites. It ended up very hit and miss. Certain news sites like and IrishTimes seem to read out fine but most of the joke sites didn’t. The rss reader actually speaks a lot of punctuation and therefore can make it hard to understand what is being said. Your usage/useability may verify depending on the source.

Now the audio/mp3 side, I was using bluetooth to stream my music from my phone to the Leaf but it used up a lot of power on the phone, so I changed to plugging it in to the USB interface. This had the benefit of also charging the phone. Some issues I found, if you store all your mp3s in a single folder the system can only use up to 255 (it seems this is the limit for a folder). If you store them in multiple folders, such as ARTIST\ALBUM\MP3s when you are navigating it only shows you the bottom last folder, i.e. the album name folders. This can be confusing as you might have multple artists with “Greatest Hits” albums and all you get is multple “Greatest Hits” folders, that you have to guess from. Also if you choose a folder it automatcally starts playing that folder instead of continuing to play what was on and waiting for you to enter and choose a song inside the folder. The system has multple modes to play your tunes, I prefer to have it to play my files randomly and like the “Mix All” choice, which allows it to jump through the different folders and artists. The only problem is that when you choose to skip a track it goes to the next track in the folder, it doesn’t do another random pick and it cant skip out of a folder. So say you have a folder with 2 mp3s in it and you decide to jump to another song, it will only go to the next song in the folder, and if there is only 1 mp3 in the folder, skipping will just keep restarting the song. You have to wait for the song to finish before it will randomly choose and jump to a different folder/artist/mp3. This also happens if all your mp3s are in 1 folder, even if you have a 100 mp3s and it’s set to random/Mix All/Mix Folder, if you choose to skip a song, it will move to the next song sequentially. One thing to know though, is that in bluetooth mode the skipping/folders works fine but like I said, you have to deal with the power possibly running out on the phone.

Thats all for today, I told you it was random/jumbled.


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