A nice surprise, well maybe not

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

On the way to work today I noticed that the ESB charging point was there in Citywest Shopping Centre, Hooray!! I decided to have a look. Unfortunately it is not up and running yet but I’m sure it will be soon. My disappointment is not with the charger not working but yet again, with the location. It is located at one of the nearest spots to the shopping centre and Eddie Rockets. This means a few things. There is a eCars sign but it is small, high up and not very noticeable and the ground around it is the same as any other spot. As the sign doesn’t say eCars only, other cars will park in it. I have noticed that if the ground is a bright green cars seem to stay away, as with the parking spots in the Monasterevin garage. The charger should have been put at the furthest car spot to make it be the worst choice for a standard car to want to park (as with the charger in the Newbridge train station, it is the furthest spot from the platform) or put into the underground car park. Also it is not going to be accessible 24hrs as the gates close and don’t open until 8pm the next morning, and you can’t reach it from the road on the other side (even if you could it would cause issue for pedestrians). The underground car park would have solved this issue too. I would like if whoever designs these locations to take into mind that, although we appreciate having a spot close to the main attractions (cinemas, shops, etc.), this inevitably causes that they will be taken up by inconsiderate drivers, as there is no law to stop them and no incentive for them to stay out. Looking at the picture below you can see a car parked in front, even though there are plenty of spots down from it (both sides of the Post Van), the sign is high and small, the ground is plain and the road on the other side has a pathway between it. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate this being here and I will be using it very often (if I can get parking) & I would like to thank the ESB for putting these up. I just think that a little bit more thinking in the terms of “not so much what suits the EV driver, but what doesn’t suit the standard driver” would help out a lot. With that said, thanks ESB and keep putting these up.

The charger at Citywest Shopping Centre

  1. Ray Norris says:

    Pulled up to a charging point in Limerick (Peary Street 8th Dec – manic with Christmas shoppers!) no chance of accessing it, my second failure that day. Fortunately, there was a fellah eating fast food off his lap in one of the cars, I asked if I could get in to charge and he couldn’t have been nicer. The signage (on road and signpost) helps prevent blocking, but until byelaws are changed you are gonna have to keep trying other slots – Limerick fortunately has a lot of (mostly unused I imagine) EV chargers.

  2. Mi Leaf says:

    Got my Leaf last Friday. WhooHoo!
    Went to charge it on Sunday outside ESB in Dublin as I’m still waiting for my home charger. Petrolheads were parked at all the chargepoints. I’m going to ask DCC to paint the roadway green there to hopefully leave the spaces for EVs. The one on Adelaide Rd was waterlogged so no chance there either.

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