Disaster …. Recovery

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So you will have noticed that I have not had an update for a while. Well this is because on Saturday (the 14th) I crashed the Leaf. To cut a long story short I swerved to avoid a fox and hit a telephone pole. The vehicle was damaged and was undriveable (1 wheel staight, the other bent outward).

As you can see, not an ideal way to have a new car.

So on the Monday I rang the number on the windscreen (EV recovery service), within an hour they had picked up my car from my house (I had limped the car home), and we were off to Barlo Nissan in
Kilkenny. Once there I received a courtesy car (2011 Nissan Micra 1.2L) and was off to work. Let me tell you, it felt strange getting back into a car that used a clutch and gearbox/gear stick. It was like I went back in time, from an iPhone/Android to a rotary telephone. 3 hours after I dropped the car, I got a call with the bad news; how much it would cost to fix. I rang the insurance company (Zurich). They took my details, gave me a claim number and told me who the assessor would be. I rang back in 2 days to find the assessor had gone to Barlo Nissan, done the assessment, and was waiting for a price to fix. Next day (Thursday), I was informed that all was sorted and they would be starting the repairs. Unfortuantely some parts had to be ordered in and therefore it took 3 weeks until I got the Leaf back (03/02/2012). I had to fill out a claim sheet and send it into Zurich. I have to say I was very impressed with both Nissan and Zurich. The process of getting the car collected, assessed, repaired and paid for could not have been easier. Here’s the finished result.

From the side

The dinge is gone

I was absolutely delighted when I got the Leaf back. Although, the Micra is a grand little efficent car (5L/100km average as I drove it), it is still amazing what it cost to run compared to the Leaf. In the 3 weeks of having it I put in easily 120 euro and mostly this was pottering around Dublin. That’s about 4 months on the Nissan Leaf.

On a side note, on my way back to the land of electric driving I was welcomed by the fact that the charging point in Citywest is up and running. I have used it a few times now and am glad to say that it seems to be staying clear of any stray vehicles.

Finally, when I crashed the car I put it on charge so it would be full when it went in for repair. When I checked the range on the Monday (collection day) it had a very funny EM number. 240KM in normal mode, that would be 264KM in Eco mode.

Range was way up after crash

Maybe crashing makes it more efficient :). When I got it back and fully charged it, it had gone back to the average 160KM range.

  1. Mi Leaf says:

    Glad that your OK and back on the road.

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