Visiting Your Granny…. Cable

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

Yesterday, I visited Damien Maguire from JTM Power. You may not know this but they are the company (and Damien the designer) that produce the EVCharge (A small device that gets you back on the road when you run out of power), soon to be piloted by ESB eCars & AA for roadside recovery. This visit was to help Damien in testing (hopefully) JTM’s next up-coming product, a “Granny Cable” for EVs. The actual cable is an EVSE cable, i.e. a 3-Pin domestic cable that can be plugged into any standard plug socket. More than that it runs at only 8amps, which wont fast charge your car but will also not over load any sockets in your house. The design of it also had a RCD on the plug, which is like a circuit-breaker and considerably safer than the standard 13A fuse you find in normal plugs. While there Damien tested the different states (standby, charging, disconnect) and we had no problems. The charging cable was even checked with a 30m coiled extension lead and still no problems or rises in Amp output. I don’t have any expected price yet but it should be well under the Nissan price for their cable, the cables you buy up north and last time checking were about 800 euro (price off memory and may be wrong).

Prototype EVSE Mode 2 charging box

Current drawn plugged in to wall socket

Nissan Leaf on a test charge with EVSE cable

Inside car display while charging

Attached to a 30m extension lead

Plug with built in RCD

Current being drawn on 30m extension lead

Now I am not doing a sales pitch here and have no affiliation with JTM Power, but I have repeatedly said (and argued with Nissan) that the one thing holding back more EV uptake at the moment is the fact you can’t plug them in anywhere. I don’t want to have to buy and install a 600-800 euro wall charger in my friends and families locations, just so I can go see them and be worry-free (remember although there are plenty of charging points, a lot of time they are taking up by ICE vehicles because there is no nothing to stop them). So anything that can help me drive to wherever I want and stay overnight, get a charge (safely) and not have to worry is a serious advantage, even just for the peace of mind. Anyway, in the upcoming week JTM will be showing the cable to the ESB and if all goes well, we may see an affordable 3 Pin charging cable soon.

  1. Mi Leaf says:

    That’s great news. Their portable charger is about €8,500 + VAT.

    I’m very interested in this development.

    Well done

  2. James Healy says:

    Great news.Is it available yet or does anyone have an update on it?

    • naturalblue says:

      It is meant to be available very soon. I would suggest you contact Damien Maguire @ JTM or at the Irish EV Owners group on facebook to get a proper update on it.

  3. […] There have been discussions on the French Zoe forum about the occasional use charging cable that is available for the Zoe, similar to that for the Fluence and Kangoo. This type of cable is not the one that is used to connect to a dedicated wallbox EVSE. Instead it is for charging away from home by plugging directly into a domestic socket, for example when visiting relatives (and is therefore sometimes known as a ‘granny cable’). […]

  4. Paddy Carroll says:

    Does anyone know how JTM got on with showing the granny cable to the ESB? Would love to hear of any update.

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