It Had To Happen

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

Yesterday I had to drive from Dublin to Kilkenny to get a part replaced on the Leaf in Barlo Nissan. The car wasn’t fully charged with still 1hr 30mins left of charging to make it full. Still the EM said 140KM and I calculated that travelling via Baltinglass, Carlow and onto Kilkenny it should only be 106KM. Well unfortunately I didn’t make it on the charge, I didn’t forsee the effect the hills of Wicklow would have on the car and I had decided to drive in D mode rather than Eco as I was testing range difference between them. About 9KM from my destination the cars EM went from 6KM to – – -. Then just after the Lyrath Hotel (1.1KM away), the car went into Limted Power Mode (Turtle). It continued at 60KM but bit by bit it got slower and slower. Finally 500m from the destination I was met by a steep hill. The car made it up but finally gave up outside Duggan Steel Group, 110m from my destination. I walked over and spoke with Nissan and they said to have it picked up and brought across the road, as towing it is not a great idea. I rang the EV roadside assistance number on the windscreen, gave the details and 20 mins later I was in getting a Rapid Charge. 1 hour later – car was back to me, repair done, 120KM on EM, so off I went home, only 39 KM away.

View From Inside Car

  1. MiLeaf says:

    I live in west Wicklow and the hills drive me nuts. Did I charge up beside you in Citywest around noon yesterday?

    • naturalblue says:

      Do you drive a 2012 W Red leaf. I drove past one on my way to blessington yesterday at about 2.15-2.30. I asked on the Irish Ev group but got no reply.

  2. MiLeaf says:

    That was me. I charged it 4 30 mins earlier in Citywest beside a black one and was on my way back to Dublin. Must log onto IEV group again. I use Eco a lot to make sure I can get home. Regards

    • naturalblue says:

      Where are you living and where do you travel to. I can make it from Laois/Tipp to Citywest on a single charge and usually have 30 or KM left. I used to use ECO but found that you may actually get more using drive as it allows you to cost further, which can be more beneficial than heightened Re-Gen. Although heading up the mountains maybe ECO is better.

  3. MiLeaf says:

    WW up the mountain. Driving up and down to Dublin, Navan some country as well. Use fast chargers every now and then to make sure I have enough juice.

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