Software Upgrades and Charging Downgrades

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

I received a call today from the Nissan garage and told that there was 3 campaigns on the system against my car. Well I got a fright, but all was well. Turns out these are software upgrades/service campaigns. I am going in on Friday to have them applied. I asked what they were so I could let others know. Below is the list.

1. Smart phone drive range display upgrade – (I think an upgrade to a more precise range estimation algorithm and smart phone connection system)

2. Battery charge timer indicator upgrade – (I think an upgrade to a more precise time to fully charge indicator)

3. Park position indicator upgrade – (I think this is an additional warning to let you know when the door is open and you are not in park)

My opinions above are from the bits of information I could chase online.

Anyway all these are free so I am happy to get them done.

Later on I tried to use the charger in Rathmines, this charger has changed quite a bit since I was last using it.

When I held my card to it, it did not respond and I had to do it a few times.

Then it said if you want to use standard charge hold the RFID card to it, there was a chance to wait 9 seconds for fast charge.

I tried and it took multiple attempts to get the CP to accept the card.

When I finally got the standard charge port to open, I found that it was a 3 pin domestic connection instead of a 7 pin.

I tried again and went for Rapid Charge. It took lots of tries to get it to open the port door, when it did though I found the 7 pin connection. Now I was under the idea that only the ChaMeDo DC chargers where considered rapid and that the 7 pin was the standard in Ireland. This especially made me wonder about the 3 pin socket when these cables aren’t given out with the cars.

Worst of all was after I plugged in, I found the cable was not locking, i.e. could be taken out by anyone. I still left it plugged in and went on my merry way. I checked my Open Wings app and found that the charge point was not charging the car at all, and the car actually reported it was not plugged in. So when I got back to the car there was no extra charge.

I did see a G-Wiz car parked around the corner on the way back. These use 3 pin cables and possibly this is why the port was added. I’m not sure if the G-Wiz will ever be popular but as it can be plugged in anywhere it is a pity that one of the standard 7 pin port was removed.

On a happy note, ESB eCars have brought out an Android and iPhone App today for finding, using and getting details on CPs, including the new booking system that will be coming out. Here’s a link to the Android App.


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