More Charging Woes

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So after last weeks attempt to charge at Rathmines (Church Road) CP, I decided to give it another go. I needed to do some shopping and the car was down on charge. I went through all the instructions on the CP and couldn’t get it working. 10 minutes I tried. I was then questioned by a passby who had been watching me try and had to tell him I thought there was something wrong with it as it is normally a simple procedure. I gave up and decided to drive to Crumlin Shopping Centre, I could always charge there. No I couldn’t, this charger had red lights and some writing on the screen about an update. I decided not to go to St Agnes Road, as although there is a charger it has been off since December and looks like it will never be fixed. In the end I used a FCP in Topaz as a last resort. This is a terrible way to have things, driving around to find a working CP. How am I meant to tell people about the virtues of an EV when the infrastructure is that flaky. If the CPs are a bad design they should be changed to a more stable version. Over on the Irish EV Owners facebook page, there is a lot of people giving out at the moment about charging points, both standard and Fast. I hope something is remedied about these systems as there is no point having them if they can not be relied on.

Also on Friday, after the software upgrades, I got a call from Philip in ESB eCars. It turns out that my charger at home will need to be replaced as the company who make them, have sent bad/faulty batches to Ireland and they are replacing all the chargers.


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