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Posted: March 22, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So just a quick update on costs/mileage. You may remember at the start I gave certain numbers I was using as a base to compare against.

Here they are again to refresh your memory:

These were my numbers; Total Mileage – 3,949 miles/6,355km, Total Fuel – 392.70 litres/86.38 gallons, Total Cost – €550.03; Average Fuel Economy – 16.47kpl/46.52mpg; Average Fuel Consumption 6.07 litres per 100km; Cost Per Miles – €0.14; Cost Per Litres – €1.40

Well today I noticed I had reached the milestone. Well I actually went over it.

These are my new numbers; Total Mileage – 4,356miles/7,014km, Total Fuel – 968kWh, Total Cost – €87.07

Thats some difference, especially when you consider that when I started the average diesel price was 146.9cent and now the average diesel price is 159.9cent.

Based on the old price of 146.9cent, that’s a saving of €462.96; and if I based it on todays diesel price (which would have cost me €616.14; 392.91 litres x 159.9cent) it would be a saving of €529.07.

If prices stay the same as they are now then that’s a yearly saving of about €1587.21, but we know prices won’t stay were they are 🙂

Anybody living in a large town or that works within 30-40 miles each way of their job should seriously think of getting an EV for their next car, especially as I’m doing 65m/110km each way and getting on just fine.

  1. Hi Adam,

    Going to refer to this post in a short piece this Sunday (savings with ecars) if that’s okay? I’m at adrian at businesspost dot ie.

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Adrian
      Yes you are perfectly welcome to.
      Please read through my entire blog of all my experiences with the EVs, if you get the chance. It’s under the Nissan Leaf Diary heading.

  2. Al says:

    Impressive figures but I still wouldn’t drive such an ugly car….

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