A Tale of 2 Apps…. and 1 Charger

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

Nissan do not supply a European version of Carwings for the Android phone. This is annoying but not unworkable. I have so far been using Open Wings for my remote monitoring/administration of the car. A few months ago I also downloaded another app called Leaf control centre, but at the time it didn’t work in Ireland. Well since last week it has started working, so I decided to give a quick run-down of both apps.

Open Wings:

This app is nice looking with multiple tabs for the different options, such as percentage, charging details & air con details.


Fast (very fast), this app is even faster than the online official carwings website.


Cannot switch on aircon unless you buy the full version.

Fails on first opening app (this is on the Galaxy SG2 and may not be on other phones).

Never seems to give the correct distance available (says on screen 39km but in car this will say 79-85km)


LEAF Control Centre:

This app is a 1 page all info system with the exception that if you click on battery report you get estimates of charging times.


Current information all contained in 1 simple page

Comes with aircon control ability

Gives a good breakdown of battery charge times based on different chargers

Also it shows estimated driving range per battery bar


Slow, this is as slow as the online website

Only shows units in miles not in KM (no way of changing)

Estimated range in incorrect (just like open wings)


Both apps are good to have and you can choose amongst yourself which one you prefer. I use both 1, for checking up quickly and the other to start the aircon.

I believe that both apps go through the online server to get the details and this is why both seem to get incorrect EM, as the online site gets incorrect EM. I am not sure whether the car is sending the wrong data or the site is messing it up. Once the car is switched on, if you refresh any of the apps, the correct EM comes up.

With that said there are a few things I would like to see on any Nissan Leaf app:

Aircon Temperature:

As it can be warm during the day and cold in the morning, I like to turn down the temperature in the day (16c) but forget to reset it to a warm temperature (25c) for heating in the morning. The ability to do this from the app would be fantastic.

Aircon Mode:

The ability to choose where the air blows from, either windscreen, feet, front, etc.. would be a nice choice too.

Set Timers:

The ability to set the Charge Timer & Climate Timer from your app. This way if something changed you wouldn’t have to go to the car, switch it on and then set the timers to the new settings.


On a seperate note, 2 days ago my charger was replaced. I had been informed it was going to be changed a number of weeks ago but as I had no issues with the one I had already, I felt no need to rushed them. Anyway, the unit was installed while I was away from the house and while it was still live. All went well and I now have my new ESB eCars branded charger in place.

  1. dan from tog says:

    Regading the charger, is the cable permanently wired into it.

    I.e. the charger has it’s own cable, that cannot be removed? Do you then need a different cable for on-street charging?

    What is the charge rate for this new charger? (amps)

    • naturalblue says:

      Yes, the cable is permanently attached. When you get the car you are provided with a seperate (identical) cable for use with on-street parking. This gets locked to the charge point while charging but is released when you swipe your card so you put it back into the car.
      The charger is 16amp, they add in a new circuit to your tripswitch box. As the Leaf only handles 3.3KW charging at the moment this is fine. In the next year the Leafs charger will go up to 6.6KW and the on-street and house charger will be upgraded to 32Amp units.

  2. Ray Norris says:

    Hiya, was it a Ducati that got replaced? Mine’s been in since May last year, and has given no trouble – although it was a suspect until my (seperate) cable was replaced by Nissan.

    • naturalblue says:

      Nah, it was an elektrobay one. I had no problem with mine but they had some issue that may have arisen. I have the same type again only now it has the ESB eCars logo on it.

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