A Tale of 2 Appliances

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So the car would not be much use to me if I couldn’t abuse it a little, just like the old car. Well I got to. My washing machine broke down last week and I had to get another. I was giving one second hand and decided to bring it from Dublin to home in the Leaf. I am glad to say I had no issues with space for fitting it in and no issues with range as I still got back home with it and had more kms left on the batteries. Actually with the Leaf having the battery weight on the bottom of the car it was still very handy to drive and corner. Unfortunately, when I plugged in the new (second hand) washer it was also broke. I bundled it back in the car and brought it to the recycling centre.


This morning I pulled into Topaz garage on Templeville Rd and started a quick charge. After a few minutes another Leaf pulled up beside me. That’s the first time I have seen a queue for the rapid charger. Luckily I was only charging for 5 mins and he only had to wait 1min and 30 secs before he could use it. It did make me realise something with these RC units. If another EV parks on the left side of the spot, the lead will not reach but reaches fine from the right hand side spot. Another metre or so of cable and you could use all 3 spots if needed.

  1. Joe McCarthy says:

    Great stuff! It’s good to see the Leaf’s coming out for spring. You should have taken a photo of the ‘queue’

  2. When I seen “if I couldn’t abuse it a little” I thought you where going to test to see if the Leaf could run a washing machine for awhile in case of power cuts 🙂

    • naturalblue says:

      No but you could be putting ideas in my head 🙂

      • My imagination ran away with itself, I had thought these cars had 3-pin outlets in the boot for handyness/emergencies. Although I also thought the optional solar panel for it could trickle charge the car to add a little extra kms , then I remember which island we’re on 🙂

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