Euro 2012 – Embarrassing & Annoying

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

First off, let me assure you that I am not talking of the Ireland teams performance on Sunday (you can keep your own opinions for that), I am speaking of the horrific time I had getting home on Friday in my hope of seeing the first Euro 2012 match.

So I was travelling home on Friday and was doing a good speed, not my normal 90kmh or so. I should know by now that I should try to be conservative but I wanted to miss nothing and the RC in Monasterevin had been upgraded and was surely not going to give me trouble. This along with an update from the EV owners group that ESB believe that the teething problems are coming to an end made me feel confident.

I arrived at the charger and all seemed well. I had 30km left and needed 56km (of course I wanted more just to be sure). The new upgraded RC has what looks like an RFID reader and you need to swipe your ESB eCars card to get the choice to start the charge. When I was about to swipe my card I noticed that the text on the reader was garbled, still I tried my card. The reader attempted to read the card but no luck. After 2 minutes the leds went red and I was given no choice of starting a charge. I tried repeatedly but to no avail. To say I was in foul humour was an understatement. This new improved upgraded charger was giving me hassle yet again. I called up and logged the error. Meanwhile I plugged in at the standard charger and waited, I mean there’s nothing else I could do other than maybe ring the EV collection number and get carried home. I received calls from the charging point maintenance team. Seems that the reader is actually a remote monitoring device so that they know before anyone else when there is an issue. Pity it cant report when itself is broken. I waited for 45-50mins and at this point I decided to give it ago. The car said 59km, I needed 56km so off I went. I normally would never give this ago as I like to have a good bit more on the EM. Still driving at a horribly slow speed in the left lane of the motorway with young arseholes behind me beeping instead of just over taking me I moved closer to home. I am glad to say I got to my destination with the — flashing. I only missed 20mins of the match too. This just shows the resiliency of the car. Later I was contacted to say the error was resolved, it was a lose wire on the monitoring device. Other than the inconvenience of having to wait and miss some of the match, the biggest problem was the pure embarrassment I felt driving at a piss poor speed so I could make it home. I have tried to explain to anyone interested in EV’s, that they are not slow and you don’t have to compromise on speed in one. Well I’d say anyone driving behind that got a good look and recognised the car was electric will probably never be interested in getting one. Hopefully they will just think it was my bad driving and not the car itself.


  1. Lar says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now and purchased my leaf Friday last, what a great car. you actually helped me make up my mind with your warts and all blog, Thank you for all your help!

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Lar.
      I’m glad to see you got a Leaf and that I could help in someway. Looking at your email address, I’m hoping you should be able to get use of the charging points in Maynooth Tesco. I am yet to have an issue with these and use them quite frequently. Thanks for the comments. Also if your on FB it’s worth joining up or mentioning yourself on the Irish EV Owners Group.

  2. dan from tog says:

    Where I work all remote units are polled every 6 hours and if they do not respond an alert is raised. I would hope if these units can communicate with home then some sort of system like this is put in place.

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Dan. I’m not quite sure of the full details of the remote system. I believe they are meant to have a remote reboot capability but this would not have helped me as the charger itself was fine and only the initial step of being presented with a button to start charging was the issue caused by the reader. I am sure they will get better as it goes along and be changed to the most appropriate method.

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