New Job, New Journey, New Results, New Charger Pain

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

Yesterday, I started my new job. Instead of Citywest it’s in Kilmainham and has added an extra 7km each way to journey (now 112km). This means finding a new CP. The closest CP to my current location is Heuston (St Johns Road). This is a rather handy car parking place as being an Irish Rail car park it is made for parking all day and is only 8 euro a day. Getting to CP was no problem at all, I easily made it on a charge (well it’s only 7km more) but once I arrived the pain started. I parked in the left side parking space, the CP is a long tall unit which I had not seen before. When I presented my card it repeatedly told me “Charging not possible with this card”. After about 12 attempts it finally opened up, the right side port. Yes it specifically opened the right side port instead of both which obviously is stupid as I was in the left parking space. This is not such an issue as the leads are easily long enough it’s just a silly operating oversight. So I plugged in my cable and then plugged it into my car as per the instructions on the CP. After it checked the connection it told me “charging is currently paused” and I could not get it to start. I placed my card up to the CP and removed the cable, I also removed it from my car and started again. This went on for 3 more times (including the 8-12 attempts at getting the card to be read properly) and finally it started charging. If you were in a rush for a train this would be a nightmare as it took me just over 10 mins to get this working. I’m just glad it wasn’t raining.

Now for some price comparison updates 🙂

I have just went over another 7000km (I reset my second counter after last time I reached 7000km on 22nd of march). Here are the results:

Mileage: 7023.0 km

Energy Used: 942.5 kWh

kWh price (my price is night rate): 0.09 Euro (9 cent per kWh)

Cost: €84.83*

As I did before I am basing this on my original car (the Peugeot 306 see above to recall the details) which had an Average Fuel Economy of 16.47kpl/46.52mpg and have got the average price of Diesel from the month of March to July through the AA website and, the average/mean price is 155.7.


For the same distance in Diesel, it would have taken 426.4 litres at a cost of €663.90. So for the second 7000km I have made a saving of €579.07.

*The cost is actually less because currently charging at roadside & rapid chargers is free (about 2 5ths of my charging would be done like this), but I believe it is better to show the full possible price. Now onto the next 7000km.

  1. dan from tog says:

    They are some impressive savings. If you get a chance could you factor in depreciation of a brand new petrol car Vs a brand new EV.

    I have been keeping petrol costs for over a year to try estimate my MPG on a 1.3L

    • naturalblue says:

      Unfortunately EVs are too new for me to know depreciation numbers. I believe there is one article that shows depreciation in the US and believe it’s good.
      If you are looking to keep track of MPG and fuel prices Fuelage is a good app. It has some decent stats and calculators.

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