More Of The Same

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

After this mornings trouble with the CP in Heuston Station car park I was delighted to be told there is a CP literally across the road from Heuston outside the HSE building. I decided to drive down and plug in. As I pulled up everything looked good. I plugged in the car, it started charging and I went to pay the parking fee. After returning with €5 parking fee for 3 hours I noticed the car wasn’t charging. I repeatedly tried again and again to get it to charge, each time it started then stopped after about 5-10 seconds. So I had to leave the car there and will get no charge again (well expect from the parking charge). By now I am extremely annoyed with the ESB’s choice of these ChargeMaster points, not 1 of them is reliable. They would be better off just pulling them up and removing them from the charging map as they are useless.

  1. Dan says:

    It’s a pity that they cannot get the technology right. All a charger is really a waterproof electrical outlet. They seem to have overcomplicated them and are not able to permanently fix them.

    When the cars seem so good, it’s a pity the charging systems let all cars down. It’s great that you are publicly documenting the flaws so hopefully they will be solved eventually.

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Dan.
      Indeed this is correct. As you will ahve seen time and again from my posts. The car has never let me down. It’s fantastically built. Unfortunately 99.9% of the time anything goes wrong it is the charging posts. it makes it all the worse as the charger is actually built into the car and these are just connections. ChargeMaster & SGTE are the biggest culprits, these systems seem to have been made by FAS trainees on their first week of a course and nursing hangovers 🙂

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