Feeling Disconnected

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

I arrived on Tuesday morning to Heuston station to plug in and head to work. It was 6:15am in the morning so the car park was pretty empty (well very empty). As I pulled up to the EV charging spot I noticed a VW Golf parked in the right side spot.

Before you ask, no it wasn’t the new electric VW Golf that may come out next year, it was a standard ICE model. I don’t really have an issue with people parking in the spots. In a very busy car park where everyone rushes and shuffles for a space, any car that gets there first has a right to the spot (as long as it’s not marked EV only, which these spots aren’t). What does bother me is that there was easily 10+ spots to the left of the charger and more to the right, never mind the 100+ spots free scattered around the rest of the car park and this inconsiderate driver (I’m trying to be polite) chooses to take up a charging point spot. I mean what’s the mentality in that. This wasn’t the only annoyance of my day. When I returned back to the car at the end of the day, I noticed the Golf was gone. More importantly I noticed my cable had been unplugged from the charger and was sitting on the ground. I started to think that maybe this driver beside me was one of those Jeremy Clarkson-ite EV hating people, who are under this delusion that electric vehicles are bad and in some way erode or attack their lifestyle. That they had chosen to park in one of the spots and later remove the cable just to somehow disrupt the onset of EVs into the world. I was of course, completely wrong. The cable had been removed by a Siemens worker who had been notified by the charger that it had a fault. He/She had to remove the cable while the CP was being worked on and didn’t plug the cable back in as I would not have been able to remove it later (because the locks only disengage with a swipe from the originating card). I discovered this by enquiring to Dervla in eCars. In her usual helpful way, she tracked down the reason for the disconnection. She also informed the engineers that it was not the policy of ESB eCars, that any personal vehicle of a user should be touched (including the cable) by any engineer and that in future they should inform ESB eCars of the maintenance work before hand so eCars can inform users and update the charging map. I would just like a card on the windscreen telling me they did it, so as to stop my paranoia getting the better of me. 🙂

  1. Lar says:

    Hi Adam, One of my fears in buying the leaf was someone pulling the cable out and leaving me stranded for a couple hours. I feel when you lock the door on the leaf, it should lock the cable in to. I noticed a small hole under the release button on the handle that attaches to the car, bought a combination lock and result! no more worries, cable locked in place. A cheap fix and no more worries about the cable being pulled out. Hope this helps.

    • naturalblue says:

      Indeed, I know how you feel. I bought a simple cheap lock from pound world and use it for the car side of the cable. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have helped this time as the cable was removed from the charger and still stuck in the car (I probably should have made that clearer). It’s actually that, that made me think a bit, as I was sure the chargers have magnet locks. Well, of course they do, I was just being silly. It’s like when you first get the car you think that it’s not safe to leave it plugged in and go away for any length, but honestly I have never had anyone mess with the car. mostly people are just curious. Thanks for the reply, keep reading the updates

  2. Brian Cullen says:

    good to get to the bottom of it Adam, also good that Devla communicated with the engineers re the policy…. Must ask you, do you pay for parking at this location?

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Brian. Yes, I currently pay at this parking station. It is an CIE car park so I don’t think it goes under the dsps conditions, maybe it does?

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