Charging in Bray

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So I had to stay up in Dublin this weekend and as I was bored I decided to go to Bray, Wicklow with the boy on Sunday. Bray has recently unveiled 6 new chargers in the space of 2 km, so it should be a doddle. First off let me say, Bray Town Council and ESB eCars deserve a medal for the commitment they have provided. It is the biggest support I have seen from a town council since I started driving my Leaf. It was great to see all the charge points about and it would have been perfect if not for a few points, which hopefully Bray TC will take into consideration. Below is a list of the charge points in order as I approached them. (Also it is worth remembering that it was a very busy day in Bray.)

1. Strand Road (Outside Bray Head Hotel). When I got here the 2 spots where filled with ICE cars, so I couldn’t use. It would be worth colouring the parking spots to make them more noticeable as an EV spot.

2. Strand Road (across from Sealife). Yet again it was filled with ICE cars making it unusable. Same suggestion as above might help.

3. Quinsborough Road. Even though there was plenty of car spaces all along this road. Right in front of the charger was parked an ICE car. Although there was space for me to pull up and plug in, the spot beside the CP is actually a bus lane meaning that this CP location only allows for 1 car to charge even though it’s a dual port CP.

4. Novara Road. As I pulled up to this spot there was no cars in front of it and it allowed space for 2 cars. Unfortunately this charger was down with no power going to it. It seems ICE cars are somehow attracted to the light of the CPs :). I called it in and got an extremely quick reply from Cara, although it did seem like there was no power at all going to the CP.

5. Eglinton Road. This CP is on a 1-way street which I went down the wrong way. Although I could plug in here, I realised that this (as well as the Quinsborough road CP) is in a crazy location. It is a dual point CP but is in a location which only allows access from one car. If you were to use the second port you would have to block an access road and the cable would not reach properly from a spot in front of my car. See the photos below.

6. Lidl’s Car Park. This is an absolutely wonderful spot. It must be one of the best I’ve seen. It’s hidden away and far enough away that it will probably never get blocked. Also it’s one of the Siemens chargers which are generally very good.

Quick run-down of all the things that would help make life easier.

Paint all CP spots in the standard green and if they are to be dedicated then actually fine offenders using the spots.

Move both the Eglinton and Quinsborough CPs to locations that properly allow access for 2 cars.

Although Bray TC & ESB eCars are doing a wonderful job in Bray a few changes or considerations would make this a fantastic area for EVs. With that said they still deserve to be commended for the work so far.

On a seperate note, I went to park at the City West SC charging point on Saturday. Only to find a poxy Taxi Driver had parked there even though the spots are well painted and sign posted as EV only. He parked in such a way (well over the line), I had to squeeze my car into the second spot. After I plugged in, he came out and said he would move the car. He did move, to a spot about 3 places down. Why not do that first off. The real problem is that Citywest SC have a clamp for people using spots incorrectly but they never use it. I have seen tons of cars park in  the Disabled Parking spots (right in front of the security) and never have I ever seen them being clamped. How can they expect people to respect the spots if they won’t punish the offenders.

  1. Brian Cullen says:

    Great update Adam. I have came to the same conclusions about all the Bray CPs as you outline very well above. I live a stones through from Bray, so regularly use the one at Lidl, as I know I will never get the other Cps unfortunately. I hope that the council will pass the bye-laws once they Dept of Transport provide the direction required with the Smarter Transport Bill. It will be the end of the year before that happens though. Keep the great updates coming!!

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