Exclusive Chargers

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So yesterday I was visiting Bargain Town on the Old Belgard Road. This is not a busy area and I noticed that the Renault beside it had a dual port charging point right at the front, easily accessible from the Path/Road. I decided to try and see if I could use it. Unfortunately although it had an ESB eCars logo on it, when I swiped my card it told me that “Authentication/Authorisation Failed”. This has happened to me in both Port Laoise and Liffey Valley as well. Considering Renault & Nissan are pretty much in bed together when it comes to EVs, I think it is ridiculous that Renault have exclusive chargers that normal ESB eCar users can’t use. I’m sure if I walked inside and asked, it would be allowed and someone would unlock it, but what about when I want to leave, do I have to wait for the same person to unlock me. Surely it is in Renault’s best interest to allow all EVs to charge there. It shows they are friendly to all EVs and to people walking by shows the car charging. It let’s them know that just because they have a Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi etc., that they are not locked into that brand when it comes to the infrastructure. I think all these chargers should be opened to the public and also mentioned on the ESB eCars charging map & App. This also goes for Nissan, it’s great that you have Rapid Chargers but these are not much use if they are in the back of the building where it is not accessible after 6pm.

  1. Brian Cullen says:

    hi Adam, it really gets my goat when I consider the lack of white listing on the access control list of these Renault CPs. They ignorantly promote EVs and essentially give two fingers to the the wisdom of early adopters invaluable feedback and advice on EVs in Ireland – and yet block all but the “promotional” Renault’s on the roads to date from using the ESB supplied and supported CPs. But alas I note not a single privately owned Renault EV has been seen by any of the IrishEVowners to date. A sign that the Renault “battery rental – or battery warranty” system has failed to date.

  2. Damien Long says:

    Hi Adam , great site please keep up the good work , as a potential convert currently testing a Renault EV i fully agree that the location of the chargers in garage forecoruts is questionable.As for the battery leasing by Renault , i personaly think it is a good option given that technology is advancing at a rapid pace.When your lease is up have the battery replaced with a newer
    more efficent one ! Also i was pleasently supprised when doing the school run in Navan this week i waas let out of a junction by another Renault EV driver

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Damien
      I am glad you are enjoying the car and the site. Please join the Irish EV owners group on Facebook if you have not already. We are looking for some Renault drivers input. Also as a Renault driver you should be speaking to Renault about opening them up to ESB eCar users.

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