First Battery Check… Not Yet

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So after reading and chatting on the Irish EV Owners group, I was informed that I should get my batteries checked at 15000km and that the check would be free. As I am at 20000km so far, I decided to get it sorted. I rang up Barlo Kilkenny to arrange a time to get the check done. Tom the service guy informed me that this is incorrect, I needed to get a check on my car (Batteries Included) after the first 12 months or at 30000km. This was what it says on the sticker on my windscreen and as Tom informed me, is what he was getting from Nissan (He was checking the warranty on my VIN live from Nissan). So I happily told him I will see him in December. As a side note, he told me there was a newer version of the Leaf Manual that I probably had not received yet and that maybe the 15000km number was quoted in the old Manual.


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