Charging ChargeMaster

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

… with a crime, that is. Yesterday, I got a space at Crumlin Shopping Centre (not an easy task) and thought I’d plug in while doing a bit of shopping. I went through the usual ridiculous procedure to get the fast charge door opened and I plugged in. Of course, it didn’t work, what was I thinking? I took out the lead and attempted a second try, this time no matter what I did it would not open the fast charge point, only the 3pin door. The reason, it thought the fast charge point was in use. At this point, I am utterly dismayed by the fact ESB eCars still have these things in the ground. They should rip them up, burn them, melt them, do whatever they have to to get rid of them. They are entirely the worst part of the charging infrastructure. They must be offline 90% of the time. They are an embarrassment, I mean an actual personal embarrassment. Standing there, while people watch you struggle to get it working or it not being even on is embarrassing, especially if you want to advocate the use of EVs. I do not know what the official word is about these charging points but I think it is time that ESB gave us an official response about it.

Just to clarify my point. Go to the ESB eCars site and have a look at the lovely purple charge points (the ones not working). Just about all are ChargeMaster.

Personally, I am irked repeatedly by some:

St Johns Road West: offline

Crumlin SC: Doesn’t work correctly (if at all)

Junction 14, M7: offline (I reported this on 15th August, it’s still the same; and it’s the only hope you have if the RC is offline…which I am glad to say has been working brilliantly for a long time now)

St Agnes Rd, Crumlin: This thing has been offline since before Christmas 2011 (Santa please bring me a new charge point)

The ESB eCars should officially let us know whats the plan for these chargers and at least take them off the map. I mean what’s the point of having them on it anyway. Seriously, it really annoying.

  1. Brian Cullen says:

    I hear the pain man – I have never managed to get one of those (with the pointless 3pin ports) Charge master 7pins open. I even shouted at it – still no use. But seriously Adam, the embarrassment of standing around like a Muppet trying to get those units working is humiliating.

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