It happens us all – even ESB eCars

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

First off, I think I should clarify something. Most of my posts in the last while have all been of things going wrong or of suggestions about improvements. This may make it seem like I am being negative about the EV and the infrastructure. This is frankly not true. The nature of writing this blog means that I only update it if there is something to update. If I was to update it everyday to say “Successfully made to work again” or “Rapid charger in Templeville worked fine” it would get very boring and also create information overload, possibly causing important issues I have to be lost. Take it from me, the fact I am not updating this blog everyday is because the Nissan Leaf is a fantastic car and the charging infrastructure is very good (and getting better all the time). I am yet to have to be towed away from anywhere except for the 1 time when I completely miscalculated the journey (shame on me). I hope this is clear.

On Wednesday, I pulled into Junction 14 Monasterevin to get a quick charge. I needed it, as I only had 10km left and needed to travel about 60km. When I pulled in I saw 2 Nissan Leafs parked in the RC spots. I noticed they weren’t plugged in and this caused me to think that they were just being ignorant, I was wrong (sorry about that). When I went inside I met the 2 ESB eCars representatives and they informed me that the charger was down. They had rang Cara and they were on their way from Dublin. Unfortunately as the standard chargers have not worked here for a while I resigned myself to wait with the others. Speaking to the representatives, they told me that they were dropping off a car to one of the new eCar Ambassadors. I thought to myself, this is not a great start to be telling an up and coming eCar user about. Anyhow, as annoying as it was to have to wait for Cara to arrive it was also informative. Just speaking to the guys I found out a few things that I had voiced my opinions about before in this blog.

Locations of chargers; I had always thought that ESB just choose some stupid spots to place them in. Not true. ESB eCars could offer up to 40 locations (could be more, could be less) to any county/town/city council and then get back from them maybe only 4 locations that they would be allowed to install them in. So if you think there is a charger in a stupid place or should be one somewhere else, speak with ESB eCars then ring and hassle the council. They are the ones letting us down.

The 2 chargers at Bewleys & RedCow hotels not working.  It turns out that the electric closet/room was locked when these were put in. An electrical contractor was supposed to switch these on later but forgot.

All good things to know.  Anyhow, the Cara engineer showed up and after a minute or 2 informed us that he thought the charger was down and that a 2nd hand one from another unit would have to come down from Dublin, but luckily after a few minutes of Technomancy he found the issue and was able to replace a small component that had caused it. I chatted to him and the person from eCars for a while longer while the car charged. The conversation changed what would have been a bad afternoon into a quite informative one.

I also met and got the number for Liam Fitzpatrick, he’s a manager for Junction 14 Monasterevin and said to ring him anytime that the chargers are down and he’ll make some noise. So also good to know.

This post has been edited by request

  1. Wayne says:

    Good talking to you today and thanks for the tips. Hope to talk to you at the blog awards. Best of luck..

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