Mo’ Money, Mo’ Numbers

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So I am actually late on this update. I went past another 7000km on the 20th of October (I’m on more than 8000km today). So quickly here is the pic followed by the numbers followed by the savings 🙂

Time Frame: 10/07/2012 to 20/10/2012

Distance Travelled: 7077 km (4397 miles)

Power Used: 1045.7 kWh

Cost of Power: €94.11c

Average cost of a litre of Diesel in that period: €1.55c

Number of Litres of Diesel needed to cover the same distance in old car: 429.6litres

Prices of Diesel equivalent: €665.88

Saving on Fuel: 571.77


So the saving are still looking good.

Calculations are – Power: night rate of 9c per kWh, amount of Diesel needed: 16.47 km per litre, Fuel price average: taken from aa roadwatch website and “meaned across the 4 months”


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