Cross Country Fun

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

So on Monday just gone I headed down to Fermoy Co. Cork. As I was in no immediate rush I decided to bypass most of the motorway and travel across country.

First stop Templemore, this charger was located in a good location away from the train station, ground was coloured green and everything worked perfectly. I only stayed a minute or 2 and had a chat with the train station ticket guy.

Second stop Thurles, again another great location away from the majority of parking spots, ground coloured green and charger worked fine. Stayed even less time here.

Third stop, Cashel. This one I was worried about. I would need this as if Fermoy was down, I wanted to make sure I had enough to get back to Cashel again. I had heard stories of this FCP and that it was nearly always filled with ICE vehicles. Well, when I got there it was filled with ICE vehicles except 1 spot that I had to squeeze into. The charger worked fine and I was delighted but why Topaz cannot paint the ground green is beyond me. As the charger is right at the front of the shop (one of the nearest spots) it is always gonna be filled up with inconsiderate arseholes. I was there for about 25 mins and am under the impression that the car parked in it was an actual worker of the shop (I could be wrong though).

So on to Fermoy, I travelled along steadily but didn’t realise exactly how hilly the road gets from Cashel to Fermoy. When I got there I didnt have enough to get back to Cashel on the rest of the charge. To my dismay the charger didn’t work. It looked fine but when I swiped my card it beeped and stared at me. I called the ESB number and after a short while I got a call back for Carra. They tried to reset the charger and I repeatedly attempted to test it for them (This was annoying as it was cutting into my time in Fermoy). Anyway finally they conceded that an engineer would need to come out and have a look at it. As Carra are based in Dublin and I was in Cork, it took 3 hours for the engineer to get there. Luckily I had better things to be doing than sitting waiting and the time flew by. When I got back to the charger it had been fixed and I tested it with the engineer. So I plugged in and attempted to wait the 1-1hr 30mins I would need to charge to have enough to get back to Cashel (I made sure I had extra with them hills). Thankfully I was rescued from my wait and had a good time instead of a boring vigil staring at Supervalu car park wall. What was worse was that I was told the issue was caused by the fact that the CP had recently been given a firmware upgrade but hadn’t been rebooted afterward. This simple task is what caused me so much hassle. The carra engineer texted me from Cashel when he reached it to let me know it was up, very nice of him.

So what can be learnt from this

Well more FCPs are needed along the motorway (every 30 km or so)

Also we seriously need engineers all over the country to be able service the charging points (not in the future, now, we have charge points around the country now so we need the engineers now)

Finally Topaz, for fuck sake paint the ground green

  1. Joe McCarthy says:

    Totally agree. I don’t blame the ICE drivers as much as I do Topaz. There are 4 spaces at that FCP in Cashel, they only need to paint any one of the 4. Btw, did you notice how difficult it was to read the meters on that EBG unit?

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Joe. I did notice that they are at the back and down at about wall height on this one. Not that I cared that much about the counters at the time 🙂

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