Fermoy Own Good

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Nissan Leaf Diary

(See what I did there)…

Firstly some bad 😦

I decided to go for something to eat in Rathmines on Saturday. I checked my eCars app and was off to plug in at Church Road. When I got there, there was a very impressive looking, very green Pod Point charging post. I was delighted, the charge master was gone. When I got out of the car I discovered that there seemed to be no power at all. I called up and explained that it was down, I was told that earlier that day it had been reported as being down. I asked why it still showed on the App as being available. I was just told that he would ask “them” to update the map/app. I only asked this because after my last trip to Fermoy, I was informed the map/app had shown this as down for a few days (I guess my cache was not update).

Now for the Good 🙂

Yesterday I traveled back down to Fermoy from Laois, I dropped into Cashel on the way for a coffee and a quick charge. I got a spot behind the charger as the 2 spots in front of it were full. While I was in the car eating a packet of crisps, the guy who parked directly in front of the charger got into his car and drove away. I had seen him inside, he was talking to the staff in Topaz and appears to be a manager/area manager for them. I mean if we have to put up with staff parking in the spot how can we except standard ICE users to stay out of it. Actually while in the car, another driver pulled into the spot but when he saw me looking over at him he pulled back out and choose one of the numerous none EV spots. Anyhow after my charge I ambled on down to Fermoy with no problems at all. I got to the SuperValu, the space was clear and the charger was working perfectly. I plugged it in and went about my business. I actually plugged it in later to finish off when I came back into the town to have something to eat with a friend. I got to do a bit of geocaching and later on drove back up to Cashel on my way home. Again, I got a spot behind the charger as both front spots were taken. I had a nice chat with a friendly old man who was very inquisitive about the car. Finally after a few minutes I headed home. So I was delighted to be able to have had such a good/fun day and I didn’t have to deal with any issues, with the small annoyance of the EV spot at Topaz still not marked for EVs only.


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