Slower Is Quicker

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Nissan Leaf Diary

It’s nice to see I can still be surprised by the car. Today I was a little tired heading to work so instead of the usual 85kph on the cruise control, I set it to 75kph and headed off. I first noticed something up when the 1st bar on the battery range indicator disappeared at 14.3km into the journey (I’d usually get about 11km). By the time I got to my midway point (Junction 14 on the M7) the car had only 4 bars gone, this is 54km into the journey. I watched the 5th bar disappear at 61.7km. I continued on at this speed all the way to Newlands Cross where I cancelled the CC and continue at the speed limits (as I usually do). I was amazed when I arrived into work. The car’s tripometer had 110km on it but with 3 bars to go it showed a range of 59km still. If I’d kept driving would I have got the fabled “160km” out of a charge :p The temperature this morning was 10°C but even at this, it’s a large increase in range just because I drove that bit slower. Also I drove the entire journey in D mode, not in Eco mode. I usually quick charge on my way up so I have enough to reach the quick charger again on the way home. This is because (as of yet) there is no charge point within an acceptable walking distance from Kilmainham, where I work. I believe there is one going to be placed at Kilmainham Gaol, but I won’t hold my breath. What made going slower quicker was that with the not having to stop and with keeping the steady pace I arrived in work 15-20 mins earlier than normal. So that was a nice surprise to start the new year, I wonder would it get better again if done in Eco mode?

Amount left after arriving at work

Amount left after arriving at work

  1. Ray Norris says:

    I normally drive in D, it’s very responsive and fun to drive, unless I foresee extra range needed. I hate having to hug the hard shoulder, which you have to do, to avoid annoying fellow motorists, on non-dual-carriageways. 75kph indicated is probably 70kph actual, if your speedo overreads like mine, a bit slow, even if it gets you to work quicker 🙂

    • naturalblue says:

      I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this 🙂 At 5am in the morning there’s not that many motorists to be annoyed. Also the idea in motorways is to move out into the right lane when you overtake. I wouldn’t allow myself to be hassled or intimidated by some prick in a white van with no patience. As this gets seems to get me to work quicker even if I am going slower I may stick to it. At 5am there’s nothing but blackness to look at anyway

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