3 Years Down

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have been very lax of late with writing this and have put off this post for ages now. Anyway, on the 13th of October I drove my Leaf over the 100,000km mark. This is a milestone but also I was delighted because I am yet to lose a bar. In 3 years of daily charging and depleting of the batteries with frequent quick charging I still have all the bars. The battery health shows at being about 87% as shown on Leaf Spy Pro. Here are some pics I took of the occasion.

Rolled over 100k State of charge Battery Health

As I said I have been lazy about posting, as such, I am now over 106,000 km and still holding onto that 12th bar. I do expect to lose it in the next 5k-10k and will let it be known when this happens. I have to get my 4th service check later on this month and will let the results of that be seen. As for my range, I can still get from/to Rathdowney/Dublin on a single charge as I have before. I couldn’t even say how much I have saved on fuel money compared to petrol/diesel (but its over 16k by now). Hopefully I will happily get another year or two out of the Leaf at which point I will pass it on to my partner and get a new EV.

I have had a great 3 years driving so far.


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