120 and 12

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

This i just a quick update to say that I have rolled over 120,000km and still have all 12 bars. To be honest I am pretty sure the car is not at 100% battery as it was when I bought it. That said, after 3 & 1/2 years of driving, fast charging when I want (and often), driving lots of extended journeys, cold winters, hot summers, cold summers, having washing machines in back, families in tow and always having the car set to charge to 100% (instead of the conservative 80%), I still have enough health in the batteries to show 12 bars out of 12. This is more than I could have hoped for. I expected to lose it at about 100k, then maybe 113k but it keeps on rolling. I know I am on borrowed time and that it will happen soon. I’m ok with that considering. I will update this blog when it finally happens 🙂


  1. Ray Norris says:

    Android LEAFspy and an OBDI will tell you how close you are getting. I think you lose the first bar at 85%. Not sure why it isn’t 91.5% or 100-(100/12) mine is showing 88% with all 12 bars still there

  2. naturalblue says:

    Hi Ray. I know all about LeafSpy, I did a early post about it. I have checked and my battery appears to be at 85% SOH. I suspect I will lose it soon. I have now another 1000km on the clock but still the 12 bars remain. Regards

    • Ray Norris says:

      I thought it was you I first heard about LS from, but with no mention in the post I just had to mention it. Your charging and distance are very different to mine, but the SOH is similar. I feel I am heavier footed, which I guess has a more detrimental affect than FC and high range. At 37000km in a 4 y o car I should be at your year one State of Health (but I ain’t!) Fun to drive it like this though…

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