Project ThunderChild

This page is dedicated to the EV conversion of my 1999 Fiat Punto 1.2 16v petrol car.

As all EVs need a nickname I decided to call this EV “ThunderChild” after the battle ship in Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds.

I will be updating this page with materials used, techiques used, photos and hopefully videos of the EV conversion.

Come on ThunderChild….

001 – 091018 – The Donor Car

Here is my first video. It simply a quick look over the donor car.

A 1999 Fiat Punto 16v 1.2L petrol.

002 – 091018 – Car Preparation

Here I have jacked up the car and placed it on concrete and wood blocks.

This will make it easier to remove the excess parts (radiator, engine, etc) and fluids (oil, coolant, etc)

003 – 091018 – Getting ready to remove fuel

In this video, I am explaining my idea to remove the excess petrol from the tank before tank removal can start.

004 – 091108 – Removing the Exhaust System

Here is the full video of the exhaust system removal.

005 – 091213 – Coolant System Removal

In this video, I am removing the coolant system from the car.

I also seem to have got the power steering pump during the process.

006 – 091219 – Lights, Bumper, Side Panels, Action

In this video I have removed the front lights, the bumper and the front side panels.

007 – 091220 – Manifold, Cables and Starter Removal

In this video, I remove the inlet manifold and all electrical cables that ran from the ECU to the different parts.

Then removed the starter motor from the engine block.

008 – 100210 – Alternator & Engine Removal

In this video, I remove the alternator and finally the engine from the engine bay leaving on the bell housing.

Things should hopefully start moving along quicker now.

009 – 100220 – Clutch Assembly Dissection

In this video, I took apart the clutch assembly to retrieve the bearing I need to make a coupler

010 – 100828 – Bell-Housing Removal

After a very kind offer from another EV converter, I needed to get the Bell-Housing off the punto. Here’s how I did (probably not the smartest way)

011 – 101009 – Fuel Tank Removal

Here is a shorter than normal video showing the removal of the fuel tank from the Punto

012 – 110622 – Motor Testing & Cleaning

In this video I test, disassemble and assemble the electric motor. An obstactle arises but out of pure luck it works out.

  1. Lorna says:

    Good luck – want to see those step-by-step photos – I think this is incredibly ambitious of you – I would love to see the work you do – fascinating stuff – I would love to learn how to too LOL

  2. garreth says:

    Great stuff, keep them coming and put something up about Minister Gormley!

  3. Oscar says:

    Hi, we are converting a similar punto, we are waiting to see the rest of the conversion, the motor to bell housing, battery etc.

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Oscar
      It is looking unlikely that I will get time to complete this conversion. I am actually looking for some to take it off me and continue it on as I have the motor for it already and it is set to run the correct way. If you know any takers.

  4. nice! How far are you now have you completed it, what about NCT tax insurance etc?

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