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  1. John says:

    Is there a charger at your place of employment? If not, do you know if ESB will entertain the idea of installing chargers in the car parks of employers?

  2. john mack says:


    I spotted this article on Android app:

    How well is Ireland set up for electric cars?

    Prices, charging points and government grants: looks into electric vehicle ownership in Ireland today.

    View this article on

  3. Chris Sharpe says:

    We have an Adapter for all on Road / or at Home Charging Points.

    Chris Sharpe

  4. gordonkelley says:


    Just stumbled across your site. You look like you have done a great deal of work with regard to aN EV conversion of s standard car.

    Do you know of any companies in Ireland that can handle this kind of conversion. I know there are a good few in the UK but can’t seem to find one here.

    • naturalblue says:

      Hi Gordon
      I don’t know any company doing conversions but it might be worth your while getting in contact with a user called Damien Maguire. He has converted multiple vehicle to electric. His YouTube channel is He almost an authority for EV conversions in Ireland.

  5. gordonkelley says:

    Wow Adam

    That is fantastic. Damien Maguire look just like the man who will know.

    Thanks a million


  6. Penyo Shilev says:

    I seen the 11 LS black Leaf charging at Junction 14 this summer… What did you swap it with?

    • naturalblue says:

      I swapped it for the newer 161 30kWh model. Get the extra range and better heating. I wonder who got my old one, if it was the same one.

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