Paper Logs

Here is a great way to make your own logs out of used newspaper.

It is best to only use newspaper because cardboard, glossy paper and other papers, only cause you more hassle than its worth.

As well as the abundance of free newspapers such as The Metro, Herald AM & other free ads papers making it a fairly easy to load up with free fuel, it could also help with cleaning up offices, buses, trains and other such areas where paper refuge people leave behind, gathers…..

Their rubbish is your home heat.

It’s obviously best to recycle paper, but as long as they are planting more trees than they are cutting down, I’ll sleep well enough at night.

This is an incredibly easy process, and I may have gone into to much detail below, but here goes.


Paper Log Maker & Large Bucket of Water


Collect a supply of news papers.

Once you have your news papers, tear them into strips like such (not too big or too small)

Place these strips into a bucket of water and soak for about 3 days, stir them every now and again.

After 3 days, put on some gloves and scoop out a handful of wet paper

Place the wet paper in the log maker, make sure to fill it up to near the top and lightly press the wet paper into the corners and any air pockets.

Place the cage on top of the log maker.

Push down slowly on the handle and keep pressed until all the water has stopped flowing.

Remove the cage and turn log maker upside down.

Push on the bottom grate, to force the log out.

Remove the bottom grate and place back in log maker for next one.

Take the finished paper log and place it in a dry covered area (preferably were a breeze can get it).

It will take weeks to dry out completely, so best to make a pile of these in the spring/summer for use in autumn/winter.

  1. baz says:

    the stickiest of the ickiest

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