Outdoor Burner/Heater

This is a very quick and easy project.

It’s an outdoor burner & heater, that I made to keep me warm in autumn evenings while having a beer and watching the sun go down. The added bonus is I can use it to burn the dried grass, dead weeds and bits of branches and wood I have lying around my garden.

It is not going to be used to illegally burn toxic/polluting material, i.e. plastic and stuff like that.

I originally seen the idea on instructables and have slighly adapted it to make it very quick to make.

While travelling through dublin I found a broken down washing machine and wheel off a bike.

In the end, I didn’t use the wheel but will in the future and will then add it to this page.

Washing and wheel I found

First, I opened the plastic around the drum.

I started by unscrewing it but as I got pissed off I ended up hacking it off with a hatchet.

I don’t recommend this as a piece of plastic bounced up and cut my face.

Then I pulled the drum out and left the rotating bar bit on it.

I was meant to make a stand out of the wheel but instead I found an old christmas tree stand and simply slipped the bar into it.

Voila…. A perfectly good outdoor burner

And what every wants to see. The burner working away. I was wearing gloves when feeding the fire but i still managed to burn my arm, so be careful.

I still have some things to do on this such as make a sturdier stand. Once I do, I will add to page.

If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below.

  1. Very cool and unique. So many people are starting to use recycled materials more often. It sure is neat to see different ideas like this.

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